We have observed normal usage patterns for the past 2 hours and are now closing this case, please contact support via our website or by calling 132210 if issues are still persisting on your service. Spintel apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.


The core issue has been fixed, and are waiting for things to recover. We are seeing traffic return to normal levels across the network and are continuing to monitor for issues.


Our primary upstream has raised a Major network outage investigation for this issue, it is evident that the problem is larger than first thought. Next update on this case is due in approximately 1 hour.


Engineers have re-routed most internet traffic around the suspect link and we are now seeing connectivity restored to most sites, investigations are still ongoing into the cause and final resolution.


Connectivity issue between Spintel and Amazon Web Services identified as a possible cause of the current issues, trouble tickets have been raised with our upstream providers.


We have received reports of some sites and services being unavailable this evening, our Engineers are looking into the issue and will provide an update soon.

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